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Carrie is the first outside consultant our Leadership Team has worked with where instant trust was earned and results were achieved. Immediately, I was struck by Carrie’s ability to listen and pick up on the challenges we faced with empathy and insight. She did not jump to advice, but rather listened intently and gained insight into our team in a very short time frame. Her calm, rational demeanor has made her a trusted partner for all the personalities on the team. She is able to adapt her style based on the needs of the individual and does not lose sight of the big picture objective in the process.

Carrie has successfully reframed the role of Executive Coach in the minds of our leaders and has won over our hearts and minds with her caring, empathetic, personal approach. She coaches in a way that allows each of us to internalize the feedback and have the tools to succeed. She has found a way to connect to each leader personally building trust in a 1:1 way that positions her to be the true expert of our team dynamics.
— Lauren Collier, SVP, Finch Brands
Since she started advising us, Carrie has become an integral resource for the team and I’m regularly told how much her advice and council are appreciated. As a result of her hands-on approach, she’s been able to head off issues that very much could have escalated and severely injured the studio. She has collaborated closely with me as CEO as well as other members of the leadership team to make strategic recommendations about the health and direction of the business. With her help and continued support, the studio is stable, growing and the team is motivated and producing exceptional work. She’s a dream to work with.
— Josh Goldblum, CEO, Bluecadet
Working with Carrie has been invaluable to me. She has helped me recognize patterns of behavior that have held me back in my career and helped me change them. I’ve been able to set clear goals for myself and with Carrie’s help, I have held myself accountable. She gives clear coaching and exercises to get around my mental blocks. Working with her has helped me gain a clear direction for my career and company.
— Sheila M., Entrepreneur
Strategic and insightful but also approachable and caring, Carrie effortlessly juggled her external recruiting efforts with managing our current team and strengthening our internal culture. Her warm nature, wonderful eye for talent and unshakable integrity made her an absolute pleasure to work with.
— Timothy O'Donnell, Executive Director of Design, 160over90
Carrie’s energy and enthusiasm is contagious. She is always approachable, willing to help anyone, and very adept at multitasking. In a rapidly growing agency, Carrie successfully staffed our teams in a timely manner; she is tenacious when it comes to her work and regardless of the ask, she always goes above and beyond the call of duty!

In addition to the staffing needs, Carrie spearheaded the Mentor Program and Manager’s Training Programs for the first time at our agency. Both programs were a great success and I truly thank Carrie for being so focused on the company culture given how rapidly we grew.
— Melissa Perticari, Director of Project Management, Freelance