Where's Your Everyday Happy Place?

It finally feels safe to say that we're emerging from the longest winter in recent memory, and damn, it feels glorious! I'm writing this from the hammock on my front porch, surrounded by blooming azaleas, flowering trees and very, very vocal birds that proudly sing the song of themselves every morning starting around 4:50am. I live in a wooded, green pocket of Philadelphia but work with clients throughout the city, so I have a wonderful balance of hard and soft, loud and quiet, fast and slow. While I can rattle off many places in the area that I love, this 8x10 covered space is where I find myself at my most peaceful. It's my makeshift office at least 5 months out of the year, my living room when friends come to call and my favorite place to watch a summer thunderstorm roll through. It may be modest, but just being out here makes me feel super chill, full of gratitude and only a little bit itchy (mosquitos, unfortunately, are a small part of the deal).

Which leads me to ask: where's your everyday happy place? 

Having a place to sip your coffee and mentally prepare for the day ahead or retreat to after being cooped up at work is a luxury that many of us can afford. Maybe it's your kitchen, where you can prepare something tasty that feeds your appetite and your soul. Maybe it's a bubble bath, where you wash off the ick of the day and finally find a few minutes of peaceful solitude. Or maybe it's your car or public transportation, where you listen to podcasts that inspire you or music that lifts you up. These are the places that are a part of our daily rituals, unassuming locations that we sometimes take for granted because of their accessibility but whose absences are felt when the craziness of life keeps us from them. 

It's a relief to remember that we can reset our minds and feed our souls without always having to travel to far-off destinations. While magnificent vacations are awesome, sometimes it's enough to just pay a visit to these everyday happy places, to stop and breathe and remember that it's those millions of tiny moments that make up the bulk of our beautiful, complicated lives.

And they're already right here, waiting for us (no reservations necessary). How cool is that?